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Station 43 - 2014 
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2016  Fund Raising Events:

Annual Fund Drive

FALL BBQ - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Smoke Detectors Available
Browndale Fire Company is proud to now offer free smoke alarm(s) along with education on safety to our community. Our members will supply a smoke alarm and educate your family on how to properly operate it. To pick up your smoke alarm, call us at 570-785-5300 or send us an email at browndaleco43@gmail.com.

August daily raffle: 31 chances to win
Browndale Fire Company's annual Gun/Cash Raffle is in August.  The number plays on the first evening PA Lottery Number Drawn. Tickets are $20.00 each.   

AUG. 1 Tikka T-3 Blue /Syn 300 Win Mag. or $440
AUG. 2 Marlin 1895, 45-70 or $480
AUG. 3 Remington 783 Pkg, 243 or $260
AUG. 4 Savage 11 Trophy Pkg, 6.5 Creedmore  or $410
AUG. 5 Savage Axis Pkg w/3x9x40 Scope,  3006 or $260
AUG. 6 Mossberg Patriot, Blue/Walnut 7mm-08 or $310
AUG. 7 ATI Cavalry, 410 O/U or $370
AUG. 8 Remington 870 EXP Laminated 12ga. or $260
AUG. 9 Mossberg 500 Trophy  Slugster, 20ga. or $270
AUG. 10 Marlin XT17, Blue/Syn, 17HMR or $190
AUG. 11 Remington 870 EXP Super Mag, 12ga. 3 1/2" or $300
AUG. 12 Thompson Center Venture, Blue/Syn, 280 or $350
AUG. 13 Steven 320 Security, 12 ga. or $150
AUG. 14 Ruger American, Blue/Syn, 270 or $290
AUG. 15 CVA Wolf InLine, 50 cal. or $140
AUG. 16 Mossberg 835 Turkey, Camo, 12 ga. 3 1/2" or $360
AUG. 17 Tri Star Viper G2, 12 ga semi. or $340
AUG. 18 Savage Axis, Blue/Syn, 25-06 or $240
AUG. 19 Rossi 92, Lever Action, 357/38 or $400
AUG. 20 Marlin 336W, Lever Action 30-30 or $350
AUG. 21 Savage 25 Walking Varminter, 22 Hornet or $400
AUG. 22 Remington 700 SPS, Blue/Syn, 308 or $460
AUG. 23 Ruger American Predator, 223 or $300
AUG. 24 Howa, M-1500, 7mm Mag or $425
AUG. 25 Traditions PA Pellet Rifle, 50 cal. Flintlockor $280
AUG. 26 Mossberg 500 Field, 20 ga. or $250
AUG. 27 Savage MKII, Blue/Syn, 22 or $150
AUG. 28 Mossberg Patriot Blue/Syn, 22-250 or $240
AUG. 29 Ruger 10/22 Takedown, Camo, 22 Semi or $250
AUG. 30 Savage Axis, Camo Pkg,7mm08 or $300
AUG. 31 Barnett Jackal Crossbow w/Red Dot Sight or $230

All winners must comply with all firearms regulations.  Non eligible winners must take cash prize.  All prizes must be claimed by Oct. 15, 2016. Guns subject to availability. All Winners will be contacted by a member of the Browndale Fire Company.  All guns may be upgraded at winner's expense.  All guns will be picked up at HEBERLINGS SPORT SHOP, Inc. Prompton Pa.18456   Prizes subject to change by time of raffle.  PA. Instant Check Fee to be paid by winner.

We would like to thank our ticket sponsor,  Mary Surridge - Alpha Chiropractic 427 A Main Street Forest City Pa 18421 Tel.: 570-785-9355 or 913-481-6168

Tickets may be purchased from any member or by calling 570-499-4908 or by e-mail at: jdoyle@nep.net. The Browndale Fire Company would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports our fundraising efforts. We could not provide fire protection without the community support that we receive.

July 4 marred by tragic fire
July 4 -  At 11:34 hours today, a 43 box was dispatched for a working fire in Clinton Townhip. The fire at 851 White Oak Drive went two alarms. With extreme heat conditions crews from Wayne, Susquehanna, and Lackawanna Counties battled the blaze for sevearl hours encountering many obstacles including several explosions and collapses. There were no injuries reported. Thanks to all who worked side by side with us.

Cruzin' 2 Browndale Car/Truck/Bike & Craft Show a Success
Attendance was great and the weather cooperated making the for Browndale Fire Company No.1 2nd Annual Car on Saturday June 4, 2016 was a booming success!  We'd like to thank all who supported the event, our sponsor and those who helped promote the event. Most of all we want to acknowledge the hard work that our members contribute! Thanks again!


May 28 -
Browndale Fire Company has been honored to accept a monument to honor the lost of the cruiser USS Indianapolis and Joseph Kiselica, a crew member who survived the sinking. Ther dedication ceremony took place on Saturday

Browndale Fire Receives FEMA Grant
Browndale Fire Company will soon be better equipped to keep you and your family safe. Our members and officers have received official notification from FEMA that they have been selected to receive a grant award in the amount of $110,000. This is a competitive grant that all fire departments from across the nation compete for funding in the areas of operations and safety and vehicle acquisition. The grant is part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program awarded through the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The grant committee submitted their application for this grant on September 2014 based on the need for a capital purchase of breathing apparatus to replace obsolete apparatus acquired in 2003. This equipment will allow our firefighters to breathe clean air while in adverse conditions found on many incidents ranging from fires to chemical incidents. These funds will allow our organization to purchase this much needed respiratory protection without using company savings or placing the burden on the communities we serve. Ensuring our volunteers’ safety is a primary concern for our members so that we can make a difference in the lives and property we vow to preserve. With this new safety equipment we will be able to do just that.

Our organization plans to have this new breathing apparatus delivered and in service within the next three months. Please look for additional updates as we work to complete this project to better serve everyone. We thank everyone for their continued support as we look toward the future with a progressive outlook as a prominent fire service organization in Clinton Township, Wayne County, PA.

Accreditation Confered to Browndale Fire
State Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay recently confered that the Browndale Fire Co. No1 has met all the requirements to participate in a program that Commonwealth emergency responders have an opportunity to participate in and be recognized as a certified fire professional at various levels in accordance with nationally recognized and sanctioned Professional Qualification standards. The purpose of this program is to recognize those organizations that support, promote, and encourage their emergency response personnel to voluntarily certify within the Commonwealth’s Certification Program administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner. This accreditation is good for a three year period at which time the department must submit paperwork certifying that its membership is still trained to National Professional Qualification Standards.

Of the 2509 Fire Departments across the Commonwealth there are currently 387  organizations recognized under the  What does this mean for our citizens? Well, quite simply, it ensures that firefighters from this department are voluntarily trained above and beyond what is required by the State of Pennsylvania. Their achievements allow them to be trained to National Level Standards that are used as benchmarks of success in the realm of firefighting.

We plan  to continue its participation in this program ensuring that your firefighters are well trained for any circumstance. Please look for additional updates as we work to complete this project to better serve everyone.

Ladder on working working fire
August 2 - Company 43 was part of the first alarm assignment for the working garage fire on Froble Street in Simpson, Fell Township. Companies were dispatched at at 18:00 hours. While the structure was heavily damaged, crews contained the blaze to the structure of origin.  An exposed structure had some minor damage for the radiant heat. All companies returned to service in about 30 minutes. Ladder 43 was due on the incident with the Car and Utiity running extra.

Crew demos turbo draft
May 27 - Company 43 and area companies joined in on a training - demonstration of the Turbo Draft appliance. Elk Lake Assocation members were also present for the very interesting demonstration. Thanks to our brothers in Uniondale for bringing their engine to help with the demo.

New members join the ranks
Station 43 recently welcomed five new probationary members into its ranks. They are JR White, Pat Barney Jr., Bradley Rowe, Samuel Hickey and A.J. Richards.   We are please to have them serve at Station 43. Over the next few months they will work on their probationary member training requirements. A special welcome aboard to A.J. Richards, son of past Chief Jim Richards. A.J. is a fourth generation to serve at 43, following in the steps of his great grand father, grandfather and his dad, Jim!

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